All work by Indian students is for sale, each £80. If interested please get in touch.



Freedom by Vaishnavi Gandhi     Collage, mixed media on paper, 22x27cm, 2016             





Relationships of Compromise by Khyati Chevli    Mixed Media, 14x19cm, 2016





Three Souls by Heena Prajapati      Watercolour on paper, 15x20cm, 2016





Unity of Colour by Shreya Doshi        Acrylic paint on paper, 18x17cm, 2016





Fight of Colours by Shruti Mangaroliya   Acrylic on paper, 20x15cm, 2016





  Blue is Yellow by Kena Sukhadia     Watercolour on paper, 15x20cm, 2016





Black Spots by Vishina      Acrylic paint on paper, 24x20cm, 2016







Love by Yugma Desai    Mixed media on paper and facric, 19x21cm, 2016






Flow of Colours by Kathiriya Bhumi     mixed media on paper, 10x 16cm, 2016








Gathering Something New From Every Direction by Maniya Priyanka   

Acrylic paint on paper, 18x28cm, 2016






Explosion of Flower in Paint by Roshni Patel    Acrylic paint on paper, 21x30cm, 2016





Untitled by Kanfate Ashish     Acrylic paint on paper, 30x21cm, 2016





Waterpipe by  Shah Utsavi      Acrylic paint on paper, 15x20xm, 2016





Three Shoes by Varun Purohit     Arcrylic on paper, 21x30cm, 2016





Landscape 2016 by Rumit Donga    Collage, photocopies on paper, 21x30cm, 2016





Feel Material by Virani Shradda     Charcoal on paper, 18x28cm, 2016






Destiny of Colour by Ravina Bhatsa     Mixed Media, 13.5x18cm, 2016